Mission Statement

The idea of this blog is to post maps, mainly of South Asia, which I have created. I have found that, despite the ease of making maps (it is labor intensive, but not very difficult), South Asia lacks decent maps on a range of interesting topics. Demographics such as poverty, literacy, and religion are well suited to mapping, and maps allow us to process complicated topics, such as religion in the pre-Partition Punjab, with relative ease. Hopefully the maps I post here can be used as a reference for those interested in understanding South Asia. While the maps I have made are the centerpiece of this blog, I also hope to post short pieces on my opinion about current events in South Asia, especially India and Pakistan.

11 thoughts on “Mission Statement

  1. This blog is full of BS!
    I see the writers anger towards Pashtun particularly. And let me tell you mate, Pashtuns are dall khors like you and we aren’t south fking asians. Just because some parts of Pashtun land ended up in pakistan doesn’t mean it has become south asia. We have always kept a long distance from dirty smelly and ugly people like you. No matter how many fking lies you post, the truth will always remain and we Pashtun will reclaim our land as will our Baloch brothers. You so fking love persians and tajiks, will let me tell you this mate, they fking hate you and despise the looks of you people.
    A computer and a blog doesn’t make you a fking true writer. A writer always stays impartial not fking goes on defaming a particular group. The saddest thing is that our Pashtun brothers on the punjabistan side don’t know that their dall khor brothers hate them and will sell them for anything.
    P.S. Fk dallk khors


  2. Woah, I thought this blog was for knowledge and not to fight over culture. Chill out Homo sapiens. And ya BTW Afghanistan is a part of SAARC now so it’s officially south Asian. Faece(pun intended) it bruh, you are one of us alie… sorry Homo sapiantic clusters.
    I know I’m weird.

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  3. Religion mapping is one of the crux of starting an uninitiated conflict which has seriously hampered south Asia. Maps carved out to represent majority communities of specific geographies totally disregard the established and flourishing minorities of a certain geography. For e.g. the flourishing Muslim communities of Lucknow, Agra and other UP cities being colored pink or red in colonial maps and the flourishing Hindu communities of Lahore and Karachi being colored green in the same colonial map. The composite culture being a hostage of such a map. Religion is not a geographical factor. Even though south Asia has created religious specific communities, religion is the spiritual belief of a person which might not be related to ones community.

    But still I appreciate the effort shown by the blogger to create these maps which can give an insight to the migration and transfer of population during the partition.


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